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ორიგინალი ფაილი(SVG ფაილი, ნომინალურო 900 × 600 პიქსელი, ფაილიშ ზჷმა: 201 ბ)

თე ფაილი რე Wikimedia Commons-შე დო შილებე გჷმორნაფილქ იჸუას შხვა პროექტეფს. თეშ ეჭარუა ფაილიშ ეჭარუაშ ხასჷლა თუდოლე რე მოჩამილი.


Español: Bandera de la República de Colombia, adoptada por los Estados Unidos de Colombia por medio del Decreto del 26 de noviembre de 1861, reafirmada como tal para la República de Colombia por el Decreto 838 de 1889 y utilizada desde entonces hasta hoy:
Artículo 2: Los colores del pabellón nacional de los Estados Unidos de Colombia son amarillo, azul y rojo, distribuidos en fajas horizontales y ocupando el amarillo la mitad del pabellón nacional, en su parte superior, y los otros dos colores la otra mitad, divididos en fajas iguales, el azul en el centro y el rojo en la parte inferior.
Deutsch: Die Flagge Kolumbiens.
English: The flag of Colombia.
Esperanto: La flago de Kolombio.
Français : Drapeau de la Colombie.
Italiano: Bandiera della Colombia.
Nederlands: Vlag van Colombia.
Polski: Flaga Kolumbii
Português: Bandeira da Colômbia.
Română: Steagul Columbiei.
Русский: Флаг Колумбии.
Slovenščina: Državna zastava Kolumbije.
Slovenčina: Štátna vlajka Kolumbie.
Türkçe: Kolombiya bayrağı.
Flag of Colombia*
country Republic of Colombia
used by Colombia
from 1861
until present
created by Government of Colombia
format 2:3
shape rectangular
colours yellow, blu, red

flag has 3 horizontal stripes

other characteristics The yellow stripe takes up the top half of the flag and the blue and red take up a quarter of the space each. It is a triband flag with horizontal bands colored yellow, blue and red. Vertically the yellow occupies 50% and the other 50% is shared by the blue and red colors in equal proportion.

Construction sheet of Colombia national flag:
Flag of Colombia (construction sheet).svg

თარიღი 1861-present
წყუ Drawn by User:SKopp
ავტორი See File history below for details.
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  • The author and the work source must be acknowledged when reused in Colombia, except if the author is unknown.

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SVG genesis
Unknown logo-V.svg
This flag was created with ??.
Flag of Colombia.svg
Colours scheme
Yellow Blue Red
Pantone 116 287 186
RGB (hex) 252-209-22 (#FCD116) 0-56-147 (#003893) 206-17-38 (#CE1126)
CMYK C0-M17.1-Y91.3-K0 C100-M61.9-Y0-K42.4 C0-M91.7-Y81.6-K19.2

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